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googleCards – Google+ WordPress plugin for linking to your Google+ profile

googleCards - Google+ WordPress plugin for linking to your Google+ profile

If you’re looking for a simple WordPress plugin that adds a Google+ widget for linking directly to your Google+ profile, googleCards is exactly what you’re looking for.

Authored by mabujo, googleCards is described as:

googleCards is a google+ wordpress plugin. It adds a widget to your blog that will display a link to your google+ profile so people can add you to a circle (follow you). It also displays your name, profile picture and the number of people who have you in circles.

mabujo has put some thought into the development of this plugin as he has minimised the load time for this Google+ profile widget by caching your Google+ profile data. This is what he says:

The plugin uses caching to store your google plus profile data to eliminate checking google+ on every page load. For the caching to work, your web-server needs to be able to write to wp-content. (a lot of plugins require this so it should be fine). If the plugin cannot cache it will still work, but will store the data in the database instead. If caching is working you should see a file called plus_card.txt in /wp-content/cache/.

Ready to setup googleCards? Yes? Fabulous! Read on…

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Google+ Exodus shutdown by Facebook

Google+ Exodus shutdown by Facebook
Personally I find it quite amusing how Facebook has been scrambling over the last couple of weeks to shut down all apps which allow it’s users in defecting to the Google+ “dark side”. It’s crazy how Facebook have taken it upon themselves to decide what it is that users of its service can do with THEIR own data! What the Zuck is that all about mother Zuckers?

The latest casualty to experience Facebook-style sanctions is Google+ Exodus.

Jack Carter and Albert Nichols are the creators of Google+ Exodus, which was supposed to make your migration away from Facebook easier by alerting your Facebook friends, and which was inspired by Mohammed Mansour’s Facebook Friend Exporter and Open-Xchange’s ox.io service.

This is how Google+ Exodus described their service:

When you use Exodus, all of your friends with Facebook Email set up (the ones with profile URLs like “facebook.com/username”) will get an invite to Google+. It will appear in the “Other” subsection of the Messages page. It won’t bother them by showing up in the notifications bar. If more than one of your friends uses Exodus, the messages will appear in the same thread, rather than clogging your inbox.

Google+ Exodus claimed to have over 10,000 hits over one day which resulted in the closure of the door which allowed them access to your Facebook friends and alerting your friends of your Google+ profile.

Check out the message below which you’re greeted with when visiting the Google+ Exodus website:

"Facebook caught us." say Google+ Exodus

RIP Google+ Exodushowever, I have no doubt that there will be several similar services popping up on a weekly basis for the foreseeable future!

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Find people on Google+

Find people on Google+

Finding people to circle on Google+ has just gotten easier…

Find People on Plus offers an intuitive search index of all Google+ users. The really great thing about it is that it has searchable categories including relationship, gender, looking for, following, followers, occupation, on Twitter, on Facebook, country, city, etc, etc.

What are you waiting for? Go make your Circles bigger…

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Google+ Cheat Sheet Translations

Google+ Cheat Sheet Translations

Are you looking for a copy of the Google+ cheat sheet that isn’t English? Perhaps you’re trying to find the Russian, Swedish or German copy? Or maybe the Spanish, French or Italian one? What about the Japanese, Indonesian or Arabic versions?

Well your search has come to an end – all those languages – and many more – are now available to get you riding Google+’ing like a champion!

The original creator of the Google+ cheat sheet, Simon Laustsen has directly influenced international Google+ users to translate his Google+ cheat sheet into their native languages.

Simon’s Google+  cheat sheet gives you an overview of most of the common syntax, hotkeys and tips you need to know in order to drive Google+ like a samurai – and so, the localised & translated versions include the same information. Google+ away…

Translated Google+ Cheat Sheets

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Google+ Expert Training Course

Google+ Expert Training Course

When I first stumbled across this blog post I thought that it was legit and I couldn’t believe that someone had created a Google+ Expert Training course within weeks of  Google+ launching and on top of it when it’s in a limited field trial stage.

I mean, these sort of “training courses” are heavily punted around the interwebs and sadly many people fall for taking these courses (for exorbitant fees), buying ebooks  or attending social media seminars with social media guru’s, experts and ninjas… kind of reminds me of the saying: “In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king!” 

Google+ Expert Course will be $4,995.00

You should head over to Center Networks to read Allen Stern’s tongue-in-cheek post. Below is an excerpt of what you can expect to learn when you register for your Google+ Expert Training Course:

What will you learn at the Google+ Expert Course? We are still finalizing the course materials but here’s a taste to get your saliva going:

  • How to add the right profile pic to your Google+ profile
  • How to optimize your profile for maximum SEO rankings
  • What city should you set your profile to? You might be surprised at the answer!
  • How to instantly add 1,000 followers to your account
  • The one secret word to get Scoble to share your post
  • How to generate revenue using affiliate marketing inside your Google+ account
  • How to get your Google Plus profile into the top 100 so you can show how much of an expert you are
  • How to post baby photos and what to do when the kids grow up
  • For agency folks, how to convince your clients to pay you lots of money to create a Google+ account
  • How to get your Google+ threads listed on Techmeme
  • How to create silly “poll” threads to get lots of comments
  • Tips on maximizing pageviews outbound from Google+ to your blog
  • How to cancel your blog, Twitter and/or Tumblr and live within Google+

Currently the price target for the Google+ Expert Course will be $4,995.00 with discounts offered if you purchase a table of 10 seats for your team. As a bonus, the first 25,000 people to pay full price will receive a signed Google Buzz invite.

All jokes aside, soon we’ll be seeing these sort of training courses circulating on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else where con men (and women) can take some poor suckers hard earned cash! Get your garlic necklaces ready…

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