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How to rename Circles and change their ordering

How to rename Circles and change their ordering

I have seen many questions about this on my Google+ stream so here I’m sharing my simple guide and instructions on how to rename your circles in Google+ Circles and change the order by which they appear on your stream page.

How to rename circles and change their ordering on your Google+ stream page

  1. Go to Circles
  2. Right click with your mouse on the circle you want to Edit
  3. Click on “Edit Circle
  4. Click on “Rename”
  5. *Click on “Save” after you are done

Google+ allows you to rename the default circles.

If you rename your circles so that they start with a number (1. Family, 1.1. Friends, etc.) you will be able to organize them in a more personalized way.

Please be aware that only the first five circles will appear on the stream page by default. Hope this helps.

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