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WordPress plugin for Google +1 button

WordPress plugin for Google +1 button

This plugin displays the Google +1 button in different styles. You can download this Google +1 button plugin directly from the WordPress.org plugin directory.

  • Display Google +1 button in the posts, pages, single posts or everywhere.
  • Display Google +1 button above the post ['Top'], below the post ['Buttom'], both above and below ['Both'], or floating left side of post ['Left'].
  • Display Google +1 button in four different sizes (Standard, small, medium and Tall)
  • Display Google +1 button using Template Tag <?php if(function_exists(‘twg_gpo_button’)) twg_gpo_button();?> or Shortcode [twg_gpo_button] at any desired position.
  • Nice Preview in the settings page with a dummy post.

For non-WordPress driven websites & blogs, you can add a Google +1 button by following these directions.

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ProTip: Taking your Facebook friends to Google+

ProTip: Taking your Facebook friends to Google+

At the moment Google+ only allows you to import your HotMail or Yahoo contacts while your Gmail contacts will already be listed. This is a bummer for those of us that don’t use Yahoo or Hotmail right? Fortunately there is a hack that you can use to import all of your Facebook contacts onto Gmail. As far as I know it only works with Google Chrome and the process has some glitches but it actually works.

The step by step goes as follows:

  1. Open Google Chrome and login to your Facebook account.
  2. Open a new tab and install the “Facebook Friend Exporter” extension
  3. Refresh (press F5) your Facebook. You will notice that you have now a new option called “Export Friends!”

Facebook friend exporter option on your Facebook profile

  1. Click on “Export friends!” and a message will pop-up asking you if you want to be redirected to your friends page.
  2. Wait for all your contacts to be processed. If some contacts are not processed just close the page and click on “Export friends!” again. The extension keeps a log file of the contacts that were already exported and will only export those that are not processed.
  3. Export your contacts to Gmail using Oauth.
  4. By now you should find on your Gmail’s contacts a new group called “Imported from Facebook.”

Exported Facebook friends contact details imported into Gmail Contacts

5. If you go to Google+ you will see them on the “Find and Invite” tab on your “Circles” page and you will be able to see which ones are already using Google+ and add them to your circles.

Invite Facebook friends to Google+

Find me on Google+ and please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Originally posted on JUNE 30, 2011 @ The Zargon

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How to Add Google+ Profile Buttons to Your Site

The best way to direct visitors to your Google+ profile or content page is to use a Google+ Profile Button. Google has provided Google+ Profile Buttons generator tool which can give you a cut and paste code easily.

Google+ Profile Buttons

Visit the Google+ Profile button page and you can grab Google profile buttons in various sizes, have an option to link to your content or profile page.

How to Add Google+ Profile Buttons to Your Site

What is your profile url? We visit https://profiles.google.com and it redirects to https://plus.google.com/106735197389068740217/posts (this will only happen if you have a Google+ account). So either we can use that url or use this profile link https://plus.google.com/106735197389068740217/ which will also redirect to the same page. You can choose to send visitors to your content or author info page.

Note the code also has the author markup recently introduced by Google built in. So if you select Author page, then the rel=”me” gets in, and if you select content page, then rel=”author” get incorporated. This will help show your profile in Google search results. Also note Google has strict branding guidelines and you cannot alter the Google+ logos, need to link to your profile and display the button clearly.

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