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How to track your Google+ statistics

How to track your Google+ statistics

If you’re wondering how to monitor and track your Google+ statistics with a service from the guy that created Twitter Counter read on…

Social Statistics gives you an option to track your Google+ statistics by simply supplying it with you Google+ profile ID. This is how Social Statistics describe their service:

Google+ Statistics currently tracks and generates detailed statistics for 39,390 users and pulls in hundreds of the most popular posts, every second of the day, from Google+. Add yourself (see sidebar) so we can start tracking your personal Google+ statistics too. You will be able to see how many people added you to their circles, how you grow over time and where you rank in the list of popular Google+ users.

Although still in beta, this tool might be beneficial to you if you want to track your Google+ profile stats. Google+ Statistics is made by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, co-founder of Twitter Counter and The Next Web.

How to track your Google+ Statistics in x easy steps

1. Go to the Social Statistics website.

2. To track your Google+ statistics, you can either sign in with your Google account profile or by inputting your Google+ profile ID.

Sign in with your Google account or add your Google+ profile ID

3. Click the “Add me” button.

Click the "Add me" button to start tracking your Google+ statistics

4. Once you’ve click the “Add me” button, you’ll get a confirmation that you’ve been successfully added. If you’d like to check the historical statistics for your profile, click on the “historical statistics” link (underlined in the image below).

Success! Social Statistics is now tracking your Google+ statistics

5. Your Google+ statistics profile dashboard will display metrics like your follower graph, rank and followers/following ratio.

Dashboard with more details of your Google+ statistics

6. The profile dashboard also provides you with code which you can use on your website or blog to display your Google+ Statistics.

Google+ statistics widget code

At the time of writing this, the Google+ statistics service had 39,382 Google+ profiles being tracked. I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing this number sky-rocketing when Google+ users realise that they can do this.

Start tracking your Google+ statistics today.

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How to: Move your Facebook photos to Google+

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Google+: A Collaborative Document

Google+ A Collaborative Document: (or how 120+ people wrote a book at the same time)

I love how communities come together to share their knowledge and tips & tricks and this Google+ collaborative document is a great example of how groups of people are able to do just that!

This is probably the most comprehensive manual of Google+ tips and tricks that is being crowdsourced through Google Docs. The actual file is quite difficult to access because so many people are attempting to view it and perhaps get a gap at including their own contribution to this book.

If you’d like to contribute to the Google+ collaborative document, you can do so here.

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Update your Facebook status via Google+

Update your Facebook status via Google+

Great tip by Fernando Fonseca posted on Google+ on how to update your Facebook status via Google+ without the use of any extensions.

Want to give it a try? Follow Fernando’s step-by-step guide:

1. Login to Facebook.
2. Go to http://facebook.com/mobile
3. Copy your unique e-mail adress.
4. Go to Circles on Google+
5. Add the facebook e-mail address to a new circle (Mine is called “Update Facebook”)
6. When you want to post to Facebook just include the circle.

Photos don’t get uploaded to Facebook. Links seem to be parsed ok but thumbnails are not created

Hope this helps.

Update There is a character limit!* This post showed up on my Facebook like:

“How to update your Facebook status via G…”

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