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Circles: Dividing, Nesting and Prioritizing by Ahmed Zeeshan

Circles: Dividing, Nesting and Prioritizing by Ahmed Zeeshan

Ahmed Zeeshan shared this really helpful post on Google+ on how to divide, nest and prioritise your Google+ circles. A lot of you have been having problems organising your circles and our post on re-organising circles has generated a lot of traffic.

Ahmed has shared this guide and we hope it helps you organise your Circles in a logical manner until such time as there is some other way of doing so.

There have been many articles and posts explaining the use and power of circles but there haven’t been any decent and practical examples to demonstrate that. Therefore, inspired by the excellent ideas of +Chris Cho and +Jacqueline Passey Mason, I’ve reorganized, prioritized and nested my circles. This is to show you the true potential of circles.

First, we need to understand that a Google+ Circle has two main functions, sharing and streaming:

Sharing (output): This is content that you publish. Depending on your real-life relationship with your contacts, the information you share will not be the same for your different social circles. At the same time, your social circles may overlap. This means one person may be a part of two different circles at the same time.

Streaming (input): This is content that your contacts stream to your Google+ homepage. Streaming is different from sharing in the sense that streams depend more on your interests rather than your relationships.

Hence, to achieve more control over your circles, I believe it is necessary to divide them between sharing and streaming.

Since, my sharing circles can overlap, I decided to further nest and prioritize them based on my real-life relationships with the people in my contacts list. On the other hand, my streaming circles are interest based. Hence, they’re sub-divided by interests and do not necessarily need nesting.

Now, to achieve all this in Google+ is simple. Here is how I did it:

Sharing Circles
1: Friends
1.1: Close
1.2: College
1.3: High School
1.4: Others

2: Family
2.1: Favorites
2.2: Immediate
2.3: Extended

3: Work
3.1: Department
3.2: Colleagues
3.3: Clients

4: The Internet
4.1: Added Me
4.2: Google+
4.3: Influential
4.4: Who?

Streaming Circles
s: Google+
s: Android
s: Influential
s: Movies
s: Tech Talk

This arrangement now makes my sharing and streaming a lot easier to manage:

- If I want to send out information I will only use the sharing circles. If I want to share with my College and Close friends, but not my High school friends, then I will tag 1.1, 1.2 but not 1.3. If I want to share with all my friends I will just tag 1 because it contains everyone from 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4.

- Similarly, if I want to know what my contacts are saying about Android, I will click on the s: Android streaming circle in my stream. If I want to know what my Family has been upto, I will click on the s: Family circle and so on.

Using this method will give you all more control with how you share and view information on Google+. While other social networking sites have also offered similar subdivision of contacts, they are by no means as easy and simple to use as on Google+.

I have also attached a screenshot below to show how the prioritizing and nesting looks on Google+.

Dividing, nesting and prioritizing Google+ Circles

Helpful Feedback

+Alma Whitten (regarding nesting automation): If you want Circle A to contain Circle B, it’s easy to select all of Circle B and drag it into Circle A, and since it de-dups you can do this kind of mindlessly to keep it fresh. What you can’t do is define Circle A as containing Circle B so that if you remove someone from Circle A they’re automatically removed from Circle B. So far I’m finding that okay though because when I’m removing someone it tends to be person-centric and it’s easy enough to manually remove them from both.

(an empty circle for note-taking): This idea has been widely publicized on Google+ so far. The concept is simple where you can use an empty circle to save any ideas/bookmarks/draft-shares/pictures/posts for easy access later as per your convenience.

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How to rename Circles and change their ordering

How to rename Circles and change their ordering

I have seen many questions about this on my Google+ stream so here I’m sharing my simple guide and instructions on how to rename your circles in Google+ Circles and change the order by which they appear on your stream page.

How to rename circles and change their ordering on your Google+ stream page

  1. Go to Circles
  2. Right click with your mouse on the circle you want to Edit
  3. Click on “Edit Circle
  4. Click on “Rename”
  5. *Click on “Save” after you are done

Google+ allows you to rename the default circles.

If you rename your circles so that they start with a number (1. Family, 1.1. Friends, etc.) you will be able to organize them in a more personalized way.

Please be aware that only the first five circles will appear on the stream page by default. Hope this helps.

Find me on Google+ and please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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