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Google +1 Social Search Results +Rise

After Google +1 button launch two months ago the web has been fairly quiet about it, the button was only available on Google SERPs. June the 1st changed all that and there is now considerable buzz with everyone trying to adjust and understand how this will affect search results and SEO in general.

What this isn’t; is the end of SEO. Alas, Hurray, Social SEO. This could well be the death of traditional link building or at least the beginning.

Social Search Results. There is lots of talk about the button but very little reporting about another subtle or not so subtle change. I am now seeing pages shared on Twitter, Buzz and LinkedIn by people I follow on Twitter and Google Reader.

These are mostly from people I interact with, but also some I haven’t for a while or not at all, other than mutually following on Twitter.
Twitter and Facebook the most impact-full social platforms.

Google +1 Social Search Results

For a long time these were appearing at the bottom of SERPs as they were an experimental feature, not sure if they left the beta crib yet, but the timing suggests they might have.

What People Think. There is a poll at Search Engine Roundtable and so far the majority seems to think that this new change will not improve search results. That’s possible since most of the social connections are not real and Twitter automation can have significant spam and irrelevance levels.

One other explanation for this apparent view that social will not improve results is that SEOs and most people in general just don’t like change. So the answer is that social will both improve and not improve search results, this will depend on how you use social.

If you automate lots and follow lots of people in search of some “magic pseudo-celebrity status or number” you likely will get irrelevant results, if you use it with focus and purpose your results should be much better. OPINION!

How to Implement Google +1 button. If you are a developer on the off chance you don’t know where to get the button, go here or click the image below and crawl from under that rock.

Get the official Google+1 button for your website

As I finish to write this, one of my favourite SEO/marketing writers tweeted his sarcastic post, while those are all valid points and yes it is just a button.

What about the social search results sudden rise?

In more button news check out the new Twitter follow button “see and follow above” and Klout’s +K, that will change the Earth’s tilt 0.00012 degrees to the left.

Originally posted at pedromatias.co.uk on 03/06/2011 when G+ was just a mere button, that’s like a decade in Internet time.

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The Plus side of Google+

The Plus side of Google+

Just another flash in the pan? Or a Game changer?

Google+ is quite the breath of fresh air, and one that makes so much sense in a world of social interaction. In my most humble opinon, it’s everything that Facebook should have been and everything that Twitter isn’t.

To me, its a hybrid of social networks and takes the best of breeds from networks like Facebook and Twitter where people can interact with people, search results, brands and anything else that doesnt have to follow them back in order for interaction to exist.

I am slowly seeing the bigger picture with G+ and starting with Gmail interactivity, the integration thats possible with G+ is what is going to set the pace for the future of social networks

The growth has been phenomenal with so many people on the uptake and its quite refreshing to read and interact with people that have been in my “Google circles” long prior to Google+.

I’ve been a Gmail user since the beginning and over the years I have made contacts, deal, friends, leads and aquaintances that have long since been buried in my contacts only to resurface now and G+ is allowing me to rekindle some of those professional relationships in a way that Facebook could never.

After the failures of Wave and Buzz, many would have thought that Google would have given up on the social race but the social space is still growing, while more and more brands are realizing the importance of social interaction so the niche is booming while still in its infancy and Google isn’t the type of company to take defeat and back off, instead they went away, revised a plan and came back stronger than ever.

MySpace was revolutionary, Facebook was evolutionary and Google+ is a game changer.

I’m not saying that Facebook and Twitter are going to die a MySpace death, but Google+ will definitely hurt them, and judging by the rapid uptake already, it seems as though the inevitable is going to happen sooner rather than later.

That being said, there is one fatal flaw which I would love if Google find a way around this, what about those people who have more than 1 Gmail account? For someone like myself who has used multiple Gmail accounts for various reasons, this means that my contacts are split across 2 Google+, but I only want to use one. Sure I can export my contacts from one and import to the other but that doesn’t help me merge the 2 accounts seamlessly when people are adding one account to their circles which is a lesser used account.

Merging of accounts is on my wish list for Christmas but until then, I’m happy tinkering around with my new found toy.

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Why Google+ is like Rocky Balboa

Why Google+ is like Rocky Balboa

I loved Rocky movies when I was growing up so as a result I’m going to be referring to Google as Rocky Balboa in this post – if you’re not a Sylvester Stallone fan, please read something else now.

Back to boxing!

With the launch of this project, Google kind of reminds me of an undisputed heavyweight champion boxer, like Rocky Balboa. One that’s been in the ring for many years and which has been battling at keeping other fighters out of his ring for just as long.

The boxer that has been threatening Google – let’s call him Facebook for this analogy’s sake – is a very impressive (albeit sneaky) opponent that climbed up the WWW ranking unnoticed and gained a large following. Facebook is innovate and has been a pioneer in his division. For quite a while now, Google has been battered over some of his spectacular fails in the ring and at times it has seemed as if Facebook could eventually claim the heavyweight title.

But just as in the Rocky movies, Mr. Balboa was quite good at feigning weakness in the ring. He’d do this to study his opponents and give them a sense of power. But then, just as the opponent would think he had the competition wanting to throw in the towel, Rocky Balboa would hit them

I believe that this is what Google has done as they have had several years now to look at the major social networks – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – and monitor their growth and potential, has come back from the brink of defeat – like Mr. Balboa has done at least 5 times (Rocky I – V) if my memory serves me correctly – and is now letting loose with all the punches. They’re light little hooks and jabs right now but I feel like their is one big explosive punch tucked away in this heavyweight that could clinch the social title away…

Google has had a few years now to study and adapt today’s social networks strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Google hasn’t been sulking in the corner while licking its wounds that last few years – don’t be fooled. I don’t doubt for one nanosecond that what they’ve actually been doing is a sh*t load of analysis, deconstruction and re-engineering of its opponents services and has scrutinised every single piece of binary in their being!

Google is an old heavyweight that has klout. Via its large user footprint it already has a fantastically sized audience to provide this social layer to and even though the numbers are low in comparison to Facebook, I foresee exponential growth in their Google+ project.

What do you think is going to happen? Let’s watch this fight and see how it unfolds!

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Sparks: strike up a conversation about anything

Sparks delivers a feed of highly contagious content from across the Internet. On any topic you want, in over 40 languages. Simply add your interests, and you’ll always have something to watch, read and share.

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Circles: share with the people who matter most

Google+ Circles – just make a circle, add your people, and share what’s new—just like any other day!

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