Google+ Website Widget by WidgetsPlus

Google+ Website Widget

Here’s another great and easy to use Google+ widget that you can use on your website and blog which has been created by WidgetsPlus.

This widget allows you to add a Google+ widget - similar to googleCards which we recently wrote about – in a few easy steps. This widget allows you to edit the button width, font size, widget width, custom font selection and even allows you to include an update feed from your Google+ profile (limited to 280 characters).

Installing the Google+ widget on your website or blog

1. To get started configuring your Google Plus Widget click the “Get Widget” button.

Start configuring your Google+ website widget

2. The Basic settings are where you specify your basic settings like your Google+ ID, text font, widget width and where you can specify whether you’d like to include the update feed on your widget.

Google Plus Widget - Basic Settings

3. For the purpose of this “how to”, I’ve checked the “Include update feed” option to demonstrate an additional option you’ll get on doing so which allows you to specify the height of the feed widget.

Google Plus Widget - Basic Settings

4. Ticking the “Include update feed” will show your latest Google+ updates beneath the Google+ widget as shown below.

Google Plus Widget - Enable Google+ profile update feed on widget

5. In the Main area settings, you can set your preferences for the background colour, border colour and widget border colour.

Google Plus Widget - Main Area Settings

6. The Title settings area allows you to select whether you’d like to display a title and include a Google+ logo.

Google Plus Widget - Title Settings

7. The Name text option gives you the ability to set the font colour of your name in the widget as well as the text size.

Google Plus Widget - Name Text

8. All Button options are available under this section and you can customise the button width, background / border & text colour; as well as text size and options that control the button hover background, border and text colour.

Google Plus Widget - Button

9. Within the Bottom text options you can customise the look and feel of your latest feed updates.

Google Plus Widget - Bottom Text

10. You can preview what your Google+ website widget will look like with the options you’ve selected. If you’re happy with the result, click on the “Get code” button and copy the script output to insert into your website or blog.

Google Plus Widget - Widget preview and getting your widget code

Google+ website Widget allows you to easily customise the output options of your Google+ profile widget and to then implement it on your website or blog.

You can also checkout the googleCards Google+ profile widget for WordPress

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