Google+ Start-Up Guide by Saidur (Cy) Hossain

Google+ Start-Up Guide by Saidur (Cy) Hossain

Saidur (Cy) Hossain was finding himself tackling the same conversation about how everything works on Google+ with a lot of his mates that he’d invited to join and came to a realisation that the concept was hard to grasp in a conversation.

So what he did was he created a short, digestible presentation that he could share with his friends in order to get them to better understand on how (and why) to start up with Google+.

On his Google+ post, Cy said:

Let’s make this this spread like wildfire!

Cy! We’re doing our bit. We’re sharing and we hope  some visitors to this website will do the same. Thanks for this!

You can now also grab a gDoc version by Mauricio Pérez Chapa

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