Our Google+ account has been murdered, and we don???t know who the killer is ??? Android and Me

At around 1:40 PM Eastern Time on July 21th, 2011, Android and Me’s Google+ account was found murdered in a crowded room, among a Circle of friends. Witnesses say they don’t remember much about the incident. Everything happened too quickly for anyone to see who the perpetrator was. 

Our very own Dustin Earley was present at the scene during the crime. This is what he told AndroidPolice about the tragic event:

My memory is a little fuzzy. I just remember two men in black turtle necks… casual jeans… round glasses… I don’t remember what they said or did to me, but I woke up, and the Android and Me account was just… dead.Dustin Earley Friend

People who knew the Android and Me Google+ account well have no idea why something like this would happen to such a good news source. Concerned neighbor, Jess Blanchard, explained to us how shocking this news is:

Android and Me looked like a normal guy. You know, he just went about his business and shared articles with his Android friends. I would have never imagined this would happen to him. It comes as very sad news to all of us here at Google+. Who knows, though? Maybe the guy was involved in bad news. I mean, I have seen him hang around with questionable folks.Jess Blanchard Neighbor

Those in the victim’s closest Circle of friends tell us the last thing he did before dying was share some news about the Motorola Defy. Authorities have been informed about this and are now asking Motorola questions about its relationship with the Android and Me Google+ account. According to some who used to Hangout with the victim a lot, Motorola has been harassing the Android and Me Google+ account ever since he termed Motorola’s Android experience MotoBloat.

In related news, other Google+ accounts have also been found dead recently. Including Mashable’s (though theirs has possibly been resurrected), Ford’s and Sesame Street’s. At the time of this writing, Elmo was still unable to comment due to the trauma caused by this tragedy. However, there’s still hope for these accounts. According to a Googler who wishes to remain anonymous, we can expect these accounts to come back to life later this year. How he’ll manage to do that, nobody knows at this point.

The Android and Me family has already arranged a memorial service for the deceased, and we’ve been told those who wish to attend can do so by going here. Rest in peace, Android and Me.

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