On Quora: “I already use Facebook and even Twitter. Why do I need Google+?”

On Quora: "I already use Facebook and even Twitter. Why do I need Google+?"

You should head on over to Quora and read this post: “I already use Facebook and even Twitter. Why do I need Google+?”

The question asked in more detail on the site is:

What are some things that Google+ will give me that Facebook (and Twitter) won’t? Is Google + a “new thing” or simply a different way of doing the same thing? – What type of contacts, information, content would I have access to with Google + that I don’t have with Facebook or Twitter today? Like, I’m in StumbleUpon – gives me something that Facebook or Twitter don’t. I’m in Quora, gives me something specialized (Q&A) that’s better than what Facebook does… but what is “the thing” about Google +? I just don’t get it.

It’s a good question to many right now, especially die hard fans of those “other” respected social networks (and people that haven’t as yet got access to Google+).

Hutch Carpenter replied to this question and has said:

Google+ appears to have drawn lessons from the experience in both Facebook and Twitter. So, excluding the fact your existing contacts are already in Facebook and Twitter, there is a nice blending of the features from both social networks in Google+.

I think he’s spot on with his observation, so much so that we covered this in one of our recent blog posts. Google has been able to sit silently in the background after the last few years and had several great “guinea pigs” to use as live research subjects and stealthily develop a social network that incorporates the best features of each and amalgamates (and improves upon) those features into what could have the potential of becoming a super social network.

Differences between Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Hutch created a table which highlights where Google+ is like either Facebook or Twitter. Take a look:

Where Google+ is like either Facebook or Twitter

He goes on to say:

While the similarity count is higher for Facebook, I think the one-way following is the most defining part of Google+. The default position for a lot of initial users is probably public, I’d wager. But watch those Circles – they could offer the privacy and limited distribution people like with Facebook.

To sum it up, Google+ gives you an experience that draws from the best features of both Facebook and Twitter. Now it’s a question of whether the people you connect with or follow show up there and engage.

Google is taking all its products and services and finally connecting all the dots. I for one can’t wait to see how they all join together!

What is impressive is that if you consider how this Google+ “trial” that is taking place as we speak, is slowly changing, improving, and evolving. There are a whole host of tweaks and optimisations being made on an hourly basis and over the last few weeks we’ve been hearing about new products, features, redesigns, integrations, etc, etc. Impressive change on a grand scale across the whole Google stable.

Super social network I tell you. Super social network…

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  1. mark 11 October 2012 at 11:33 pm #

    GOOGLE+ is better than twitter. twitter sucks

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