GPEEP – Google+ People Search by Daniel Travolto

GPeep - Google+ People Search by Daniel Travolto

GPEEP by Daniel Travolto is a Google+ people search engine which allows you to add and tag yourself in its directory. You’re able to tag yourself multiple times and it will append it to your GPEEP profile.

Add yourself to the GPEEP directory

Adding yourself to the GPEEP directory is a piece of cake! If you don’t believe me, check this out:

1. Click on the “add yourself to the directory” link at the top of the GPEEP homepage

Add yourself to the GPEEP directory

2. The most important thing you’ll need is your Google+ ID number which you can find in your profile URL and which looks like this:

The bold part of the URL above is the unique numeric identifier for your Google+ profile ID number. Copy that number and paste it into the “Google+ ID Number” field (see below).

3. Choose a descriptive tag you’d like to add to the GPEEP directory – in my case I added: pedrodasilva, Pedro Da Silva, AllGooglePlus, Virtual WordPress Assistant and Your Social Media Guy

Add your Google+ profile info into GPEEP

4. Select your country.

5. Select the closest city to you.

6. You then have two optional fields that you can complete – Industry or subject of study and Profession or subject of study. I’d recommend completing all the fields for SEO and social search purposes.

7. Click on the “add yourself now” button.

8. You’re now an official GPEEP :-) and your profile should appear on the GPEEP homepage.

Your GPEEP directory profile listing

Tag yourself multiple times

To tag yourself multiple times,  click on the “add yourself to the directory” link at the top of the GPEEP homepage as you did above and add a new tag.

Add yourself to the GPEEP directory

View your GPEEP profile info and tags

1. Next to your new listing in the GPEEP Google+ people search directory you’ll see a GP button (see below). Click on this button to edit and view your GPEEP directory info and tags.

How to view and edit your GPEEP profile and tags

2. Your GPEEP profile will show you your Google+ profile info (which it inherits from your Google+ profile) as well as the tags you’ve tagged yourself with in the GPEEP directory.

Your GPEEP Google+ People Search profile

That’s it – what’s stopping you from getting started with GPEEP? Add yourself to the GPEEP Google+ people search directory now!

About Pedro Da Silva

Pedro Da Silva is a South African digital media guy with over 12 years experience in the web industry. Pedro was founder of a small scale web hosting company and internet service consultancy in South Africa, he now lives in the UK with his wife and kids. Pedro provides specialised Virtual WordPress Assistance and Social Media Support to small to medium sized enterprises on a "moonlancing" basis.

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