Google+ Cheat Sheet Translations

Google+ Cheat Sheet Translations

Are you looking for a copy of the Google+ cheat sheet that isn’t English? Perhaps you’re trying to find the Russian, Swedish or German copy? Or maybe the Spanish, French or Italian one? What about the Japanese, Indonesian or Arabic versions?

Well your search has come to an end – all those languages – and many more – are now available to get you riding Google+’ing like a champion!

The original creator of the Google+ cheat sheet, Simon Laustsen has directly influenced international Google+ users to translate his Google+ cheat sheet into their native languages.

Simon’s Google+  cheat sheet gives you an overview of most of the common syntax, hotkeys and tips you need to know in order to drive Google+ like a samurai – and so, the localised & translated versions include the same information. Google+ away…

Translated Google+ Cheat Sheets

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