WordPress plugin for Google +1 button

WordPress plugin for Google +1 button

This plugin displays the Google +1 button in different styles. You can download this Google +1 button plugin directly from the plugin directory.

  • Display Google +1 button in the posts, pages, single posts or everywhere.
  • Display Google +1 button above the post ['Top'], below the post ['Buttom'], both above and below ['Both'], or floating left side of post ['Left'].
  • Display Google +1 button in four different sizes (Standard, small, medium and Tall)
  • Display Google +1 button using Template Tag <?php if(function_exists(‘twg_gpo_button’)) twg_gpo_button();?> or Shortcode [twg_gpo_button] at any desired position.
  • Nice Preview in the settings page with a dummy post.

For non-WordPress driven websites & blogs, you can add a Google +1 button by following these directions.

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