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If there’s been a question I’ve been asked more than “do you have any Google invites?”, I can’t remember it. And it’s only been a day! Sadly, I haven’t had any invites to give out. Google has decided they’re going to roll out the network very slowly.

Or that was the plan.

It now appears that early Google users (meaning the one who got access just yesterday) now have the option to invite other people. And as far as I can tell, it’s unlimited.

I realize that by posting this, I’m really asking for it. Gulp.

One big caveat: I have no clue if these invites grant immediate access, or if they’re simply a way for you to add friends you’d like to get invites — then they’ll be added to the waitlist.

Update: As Google’s Bradley Horowitz notes in the comments:

Google has decided they’re going to roll out the network very slowly. Or that was the plan.

Actually, that remains the plan.

We launched Google in a Field Trial in order to test the product out and gather more feedback. As part of the Field Trial, we may open and close Google to new users at any time. We’re psyched so many people are interested in trying out a new approach to online sharing, but please consider:

- At any instant, a given invitation may or may not grant access.
– There are rate limits that are subject to change.
– PRO TIP: Bulk inviting will not be an effective strategy for getting your loved one access. I would recommend inviting those people you really want to share with…

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