What is the Google+ project?

Please tell us that you’ve heard of the Google+ ProjectIf you haven’t please tell us that you’re kidding!

If you don’t know what the Google+ Project is, well we can only describe it as probably the next greatest social network and service on the planet. Google formally announced this project yesterday which caused a mad frenzy across the interwebs.

Yes, we’re Google fans – so what?

Google are great at many of the things that they do but we have a feeling that thie Google+ project is going to tie in all of their existing applications and services in an aesthetically pleasing and innovative social network that is going to change the social media arena once again.

Let us know what you think…

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Pedro Da Silva is a South African digital media guy with over 12 years experience in the web industry. Pedro was founder of a small scale web hosting company and internet service consultancy in South Africa, he now lives in the UK with his wife and kids. Pedro provides specialised Virtual WordPress Assistance and Social Media Support to small to medium sized enterprises on a "moonlancing" basis.

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